Friday, September 11, 2009


Yesterday, on September 10, I sent of my precious package to the publisher.
Yes, the manuscript was completed, discs were burned, and everything fit in
a compact file-folder box. It was amazing to see all of that work
finalized...for now!

The entire text, including the caption text, easily fit onto 1 CD with
plenty of room to spare! It's incredible that I had to pay someone to type
out my MFA word processors at that time to prevent typing

What a relief! I had bubbly with friends last night- thanks Susan! I plan to
have a date with my husband Russ tonight, that will also include additional
imbibing of bubbly.

Rene Culler
Rene Culler Glass LLC

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Getting started ... scooped by Hollywood

It takes 21 days to form a habit, so here I go, launching a blog, just like a diet, on September 1. I have decided to write about the book on glass working that has been in the works for almost 6 years! "The book" has morphed into a series. The first volume should be out in the Spring of 2010. I am really excited about getting the manuscript to the publisher by Labor Day - how appropriate!

After having had experience in teaching at unique schools such as the Studio of the Corning Museum of Glass (see new catalog, returning in Jan. 2010), UrbanGlass, the Glass Furnace in Istanbul, college and university programs, etc., I decided to write a book that answers the many questions I have tried to field.

The impetus for this book is to provide information on technique, but only in the service of inspiration by art! Glass is an incredibly versatile material! The big 3: painting, drawing, and sculpture can all be accomplished while working in glass.

I am new at this blogging business, and therefore dragged my feet to get started, only to be scooped by the Julie and Julia Child movie...darn. My book is about mastering the art of working in glass. I did love the movie, and like Julia, I hope that my book offers a wealth of information, written so that anybody can understand. I've worn my pearls for years too.